As a owner of a Phantom 4 drone, last year had the experience of flying, and videoing

unbelievable videos, that people with cameras cannot capture. So what do we do with those videos, share them for a while and then store them away. I can capture a frame, or frames of the video, transfer them to software on a computer, add to the frame what ever the cutomer 

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​​              wants, print on special paper with special ink, heat to 350-450 degrees, where at this point the ink changes to a gas and goes into the product, never fades, excellent results. Now you are saving part of the video, on something you can give as a gift, that cannot be bought anywhere, and let someone experience what you videod

Take you video, you can view it frame by frame, to find the ones you want sublimated, and what you want added. You can send us your sd card from the drone, we will capture, can connect drone to computer to transfer your video, find the frams you want and email them to us Contact us 1-207-733-2153 mail p.o. box 336 Lubec Maine 04652

​captured frame from video

for heat transfer - sublimation

to 1 of over 3000 items

Lighthouse in Canada, Campobello Island, With The Waterway And Lubec Maine In The Background